Lifespan Respite Services provides families and caregivers with needed relief from the ongoing demands of providing care for their loved one with special needs.  This temporary break allows them the opportunity to rejuvenate themselves and provide the quality of care all of our loved ones deserve.  Respite care is a critical way communities can provide care for those caring for others, and to assist them in keeping the family unit intact.  The value of respite cannot be overstated.  It reduces stress in families, prevents costly out-of-home placements, and prevents child/elder abuse and neglect.  Respite care also serves to enhance the families coping abilities, increases caregiver physical and mental well being, and provides the caregiver with an opportunity for social activities and community involvement.   


“Families are Wisconsin’s most important resource.  Citizens and policymakers agree that accessible respite care services and related supports are essential to the preservation and well being of the family.  Being a caring caregiver can be a rewarding and often challenging job.  To provide good care, caregivers need to take care of themselves."

- Respite Care Association of Wisconsin, Inc. -


One of the primary purposes of respite is to provide relief to the caregiver from the demands of caring for someone with special needs.  Many families don’t realize that respite care is available to them or they don’t know where to find a service.  The Lifespan Respite Services is a non-profit organization formerly supported by the Epilepsy Foundation Heart of Wisconsin.  Lifespan Respite Services provides services such as an informational resource for families, training for someone who would like to provide respite care, financial assistance (stipends and scholarships) and free community respite opportunities for families.  Lifespan Respite Services maintains a registry that caregivers can access.  The providers are trained by the family for the needs of the person with special needs and in most cases the family pays the provider directly.  The cost for quality respite varies based on provider or Agency and a limited number of stipends are available to help subsidize the cost of care.  Everyone needs a break for themselves and respite provides the caregiver with a well deserved break and an opportunity to rejuvenate themselves. 

The Lifespan Respite Services offers:


  • Information and referral to area respite care  


  • Stipends to assist in paying for valuable

    respite care;

  • Scholarships to assist in paying for Summer respite programming and camps;

  • Scholarships to assist in paying for 1:1 mentorship matches;

  • Sharing training opportunities and support for respite care


  • Community education and information;

  • & Free community respite events.  


Do you, your family or someone you know need respite assistance? 


This is a volunteer part-time office.  If no-one is available to answer your call, please leave a message and someone will call you back.


Lifespan Respite Services

112 1/2 South Spring Street

Suite #2

Beaver Dam, WI  53916

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This project proudly supported by:

United Way of Dodge County

We would like to thank our past fiscal agent, Epilepsy Foundation Heart of Wisconsin for all of their support in the past.  With their own restructuring efforts, Epilepsy Foundation is no longer able to support us within the role of fiscal agent. 

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