2018 Advisory Committee:

Chris Goold 

Doreen Goetsch

Jerica Guetzke

Judy Billington

Kristy Schwandt



Director, Paul Toellner

Epilepsy Foundation, Fiscal Agent

Do you have a loved one with special needs?  We are rebuilding and will be working on rebranding Lifespan Respite Network.  We are looking for individual that may be interested in serving on our advisory committee.  This committee meets during the year and may be active in fundraising and outreach efforts.  Please contact us at 920-356-9870 or dclrn@epilepsywisconsin.org or ptoellner@epilepsywisconsin.org to express interest or ask questions. 


Thank you for your support!


Hello everyone.  We have accomplished many things and have continued to provide services and offer respite stipends despite the challenging economic times.  Our fundraising efforts have continued to be successful with your continuing support!  I look forward to continuing our work with our registered providers, the individuals and families that we serve, the donors and many supporters that all make up our Lifespan Respite Network. 

Family Testimonial:

"I’m writing this letter on behalf of my mother.  We recently received our stipend payment from the Dodge County Lifespan Respite Program that was donated by you.  This money is greatly appreciated.  This financial support allows me to pay for some respite care for my mother which is greatly needed.  It is heart warming to know that there are people who care about their fellow mankind.  So thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” 


It is stories like these that make our efforts all worth while.  If you would like to support DCLRN in a financial way, please do so today.

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