Basic training programs for caregivers and respite providers.  Topics may include: 


  • Orientation to Lifespan Respite Care;

  • Overview of Cerebral Palsy;

  • Seizure Recognition and  Response;

  • Client Rights and Advocacy;

  • Reporting and Confidentiality;

  • Overview of Aging Process;

  • Personal and Hands On Care;

  • Considerations of the Primary Caregiver;

  • Dealing with Relationships and Losses;

  • Community First Aid and Safety;

  • Communicating with a Person with a Disability;

  • Communicating with Family Members;

  • Overview of Alzheimer's Disease and


  • Overview of Autism.

  • You may also visit Respite Care Association of Wisconsin link to register for their Respite Provider training. 

  • Topics covered:

  • Disability Basics

  • Client Care

  • Medication Administration

  • Abuse and Neglect

  • Communication

  • Coping with Challenging Moments

  • Free Time Activities

  • Meeting with Clients and Caregivers

  • If you would like to be placed on our upcoming roster for future trainings, please visit our contact link.


Thank you for your interest in DCLRN!

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